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Journey To Handstand

Friday 19:15 - 20:15

  • 1 Std
  • 35 Schweizer Franken
  • Hohlstrasse 211


Whether you're a beginner seeking to establish a solid Handstand practice or an intermediate practitioner looking to refine and expand your skills, our Handstand Class offers a welcoming space for all levels, where you can attend single classes without any commitment. Prior experience in basic Yoga or Handstand practice is recommended, but not mandatory. In this comprehensive and enriching experience, we'll dive into the fundamentals of inversions and explore various approaches to entering and holding a Handstand. From traditional forms like Straddle, Pike, and Tuck to playful leg variations, you'll gain control, balance, and grace in your Handstand journey. It is also possible to pursue individual goals, such as mastering Scorpion in Handstand, Handstand press, or Handstand on blocks or canes. Proper alignment is at the core of our Handstand Class. Through targeted drills, exercises, and adjustments, we'll cultivate body awareness, muscle memory, mobility, and core strength essential for a successful Handstand. The class fosters a collaborative environment where participants work in pairs or groups, supporting and learning from each other's challenges and successes. Together, we create a sense of togetherness that enhances personal growth and encourages a transformative journey of balance, strength, and self-discovery. Join us as we unlock the potential within and embark on this thrilling Handstand adventure. Each class is a stepping stone towards improving your handstand skills, and you're welcome to participate at your own pace and convenience. Embrace the joy of inversions and the empowering feeling of being upside down, as we guide you towards achieving your Handstand goals. This class is designed for all levels, gender and body types. No matter how many hours you have spent on the mat already - there is always something new to discover about your body.

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Umbuchung & Kündigung

Für Kündigungen und Umbuchungen bitten wir um eine Benachrichtigung 24h vor dem Termin.


  • Hohlstrasse 211, Zürich, Switzerland


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