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Mobility & Stretching

  • 1 Stunde
  • 35 Schweizer Franken
  • Hohlstrasse 211


This class is a blend of mobility exercises and stretching techniques to help you achieve a balance between flexibility and strength. It complements your Yoga and Handstand practice by enhancing joint mobility, increasing flexibility and improving body awareness, which are essential elements for mastering some Peak Poses and improving your Handstand practice. Each class will begin with gentle warm-up exercises, gradually transitioning into dynamic and static stretches and mobility movements that target different areas of the body. There will be a focus on proper alignment and breath awareness. Towards the end of the class, we will go upside down and enjoy the benefits of the class to the fullest. In this class, as in all classes, you will be encouraged to listen to your body and respect its unique needs and limitations- which can vary from day to day. Try to have fun exploring the ways your body can move, while progressively expanding your range of motion and releasing muscle tension. This class is designed for all levels, gender and body types. No matter how many hours you have spent on the mat already - there is always something new to discover about your body. —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Definition of Mobility: Mobility refers to the ability of a joint or a series of joints to move freely and effectively through their full range of motion. It is essential for maintaining functional movement, preventing injuries, and improving overall flexibility. In the context of Yoga, mobility exercises focus on enhancing joint flexibility, stability, and coordination to achieve greater ease of movement and body awareness. Definition of Stretching: Stretching involves elongating and lengthening muscles and soft tissues to improve flexibility and range of motion. It helps to increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and promote relaxation. In Yoga, stretching is often combined with mindful breathing to enhance body awareness, release stress, and bring balance to the body and mind.

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Für Kündigungen und Umbuchungen bitten wir um eine Benachrichtigung 24h vor dem Termin.


  • Hohlstrasse 211, Zürich, Switzerland


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