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  • Lessons are matched before the lesson.

  • Semester subscriptions cannot be carried over to the next semester.

  • Workshops are charged in advance.

payment options

  • Transfer to Manola Blatter IBAN: CH11 0070 0115 4000 4531 5

  • Twint (+41 76 477 58 11) 

  • in cash


  • Group courses in writing or by telephone at least 6 hours before the lesson. Missed lessons are chargeable. In the case of health problems with a longer absence (at least 3 weeks), 50% of the lessons will be reimbursed against a doctor's certificate.

  • Private lessons in writing or by phone at least 24 hours before the lesson. Otherwise the full amount must be paid.

  • Workshops in writing or by telephone at least 5 days before the workshop. Otherwise the full amount must be paid.

  • Should I, Manola Blatter, be unable to teach a lesson myself, a qualified substitute teacher will take over the lesson. If a replacement cannot be found, the full amount of that lesson will be refunded.

health status

  • The state of health of the participants allows them to take part in the courses. Any physical and psychological complaints, injuries, pregnancy or illnesses will be communicated to the yoga teacher before the lesson. 

insurance and liability

  • Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. Participation in the courses is at your own risk. Manola Yoga disclaims any liability.

  • Touching between the yoga teacher and the course participants is part of the yoga and can happen. If someone does not want to be touched, the yoga teacher will be informed before the lesson.

  • Yoga can lead to physical injuries if the exercises are not performed according to the instructions of the teacher or if one's own resilience or limits are not respected. The yoga teacher is not liable for incidents and accidents during the yoga class.

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