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About Manolayoga (they/them)


For many years I played volleyball at a high level and competed in several half marathons. Again and again I was confronted with various injuries. In 2012 I had such pain in my shoulders that doctors told me I needed surgery on both shoulders. That's when I realized that I didn't want that and looked for ways to avoid this operation. A colleague recommended that I try yoga.


Through yoga, I not only got my shoulders pain-free again, but also found a balance for body, soul and spirit. I am particularly fascinated by the fact that no matter how long someone has been practicing yoga, there are always opportunities to get to know your own body better.

In 2014 I completed my basic training as a yoga teacher (RYT 200hr) in Mexico and have been teaching Vinyasa Yoga regularly since August 2014. In 2018/2019 I completed further training at Planet Yoga in Zurich in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga (RYT 300hr). Since 2021 I have been attending weekly handstand courses with Eulalie Blanc and Miguel Fregonese to perfect my handstand.

Correct body alignment and posture are very important to me. I am constantly working on how I can best support and correct the yoga participants in order to safely get into advanced asanas. For these reasons I attended a further training in cYoga with Carmen and Moises Aguilar in Barcelona (RYT 200hr) in summer 2019.

Are you looking for a balance for body and mind?


I make my classes dynamic and powerful. I value the correct execution of the movements and give individual feedback to improve posture and body awareness. We work continuously on mobility and strength building.  

My classes are influenced by Vinyasa and cYoga. Vinyasa Yoga is dynamic and mostly the movements are integrated into a flow. In cYoga classes, the exercises are typically held a little longer and practitioners receive many assists that allow them to go deeper into their asanas. In each of my classes I offer different options for the asanas and the participants can choose which position they want to stay in.

Basic and Continuing Education

2010 Continuing Education J&S Schulsport 

2014  Basic Training Yoga (Vinyasa) RYT 200, Davanna Yoga, Puerto Vallarta

2018/2019  Continuing Education Yoga (Yinyasa, Yin) RYT 300, Planet Yoga, Zürich

2019  Continuing Eduation Yoga (Hatha/cYoga), RYT 200, cYoga, Barcelona

2020  Basic Training J&S Kids 

2022  Your Spine, Your Yoga, 8 CEU, Bernie Clark & Stuart McGill, Yoga International

2023  Basic Training Breathwork, RYT 20, Loka Yoga

2023  Basic TrainingMeditation, RYT 10, Loka Yoga

2021-today  Handstand Classes with Alona Zhuravel, Eulalie Blanc, Miguel Ferogense

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